Dairy Girls gather on East Coast for first time

By Jessica Rose Spangler, Reporter, Lancaster Farming

HARRISBURG, Pa. — It’s not just a man’s world anymore. Many in the agriculture industry are embracing today’s women farmers, ranchers and industry professionals — recognizing women are more than just the farm wife these days.

According to a Sept. 28 USDA release, 31 percent of American farmers are women. They work 301 million acres for a total economic impact of $12.9 billion. The USDA has even created a social media campaign, #Women-InAg.

“Women in agriculture” groups and forums are also popping up across the map.

“Several states have women in ag’ groups, but there isn’t a national women’s group. I think that’s why there’s been so much industry and male support,” Laura Daniels, founder of the Dairy Girl Network, said about her young organization.

A Wisconsin dairy farmer herself, Daniels oversees the day-to-day operations on the farm she owns with her husband — a 250-head, partially grazed Jersey herd one hour outside Madison, Wis. Additionally, she works as a dairy management consultant and sales manager with Star Blends feed company.

Daniels admits that she’s always been a go-getter: “Making a difference is one of my core values.”

And that mentality is what’s helped launch her new network into stardom.

Read more about the Dairy Girl Network’s event at the All-American Dairy Show here!

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