Dairy Girls are making a difference

By Karen Hunt, The Bullvine

Networking with the hopes of starting or expanding your career opportunities is a nerve-racking experience for anyone.  But when you’re a woman in a man’s world, the tension can ratchet up even further.

Last week I was in Madison for World Dairy Expo and attended the Dairy Girl Network Dinner which was held off site. As a member of the media (The Bullvine) and representing a publication that positions itself as a somewhat radical, I was worried that some might have a problem with my Canadian loyalties or what they might assume them to be. My worries were the only thing about the whole evening that was proven to be narrow minded. At the end of the day, this networking experience was the enthusiastic start I needed to make my trip to “Dairy in our DNA” a success from both a social and a business leads point of view.

Read more of Karen’s experience here!

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