Baler twine holds it all together

By Sarah Hill, Dairy Business

More than 180 women met in Sioux Falls, SD, earlier this week for the Central Plains Dairy Women’s Conference. The two-day conference included speakers, breakout sessions, a Dairy Girl Network event and dinner.


Dairy Girl Network founder and President Laura Daniels was the conference’s kick off speaker. Daniels encouraged the dairywomen to stick firm to their values and goals, which she calls the “baler twine” of life.

“Knowing your values keeps you tied to your purpose,” she said.

During a breakout session on the new Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency, DeAnne Hilgers, attorney with Lindquist & Vennum, North Oaks, MN, shared that having your farm’s I-9 forms in order is the biggest insurance policy you can have to reduce the risk of government interference.

The dairywomen also enjoyed a presentation by Sue McCloskey from Fair Oaks Dairy, Fair Oaks, IN. McCloskey and her husband were the inventors of Fairlife milk. The state-of-the-art plant that produces Fairlife is based in Michigan and will be opening a third line by the end of 2015.

To find out more about what happened at the Central Plains Dairy Women’s Conference, be sure to read the November 18 issue of the Weekly.

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