Inspiration in your hands: Mentors

By Amy te Plate-Church, Progressive Dairyman

When asked to describe a mentor, attendees at the Central Plains Women’s Dairy Conference in November 2015 shared these words: role model, confidant, coach, guide, cheerleader and supporter.

Each of us can probably list a handful of people who have filled those roles – perhaps a parent, another family member, a teacher or coworker – and we celebrate those supporters.

In a mentorship, mentors provide very intentional support, agreeing to commit time and to guide a mentee (an individual who desires such coaching). The most effective mentorships are planned, with an intentional focus on goals and growth.

With the many different hats dairy folks wear each day, our personal and professional lives can be enriched through a mentor’s support. Let’s explore what a mentorship is, and is not, and how mentors can support our ambitions.

For the full story, click here!

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