Webinar on 6/23/17 – Join the Undeniably Dairy Moovement

Limited seats are available online. Register by Thursday, June 22 midnight.

Webinar Graphic_June2017.jpg

What’s Undeniably Dairy? Besides milk, cheese, ice cream…and the list goes on, it’s a new campaign to reintroduce dairy to our consumers. Your dairy checkoff program, in collaboration with many others in the industry, is rallying behind this effort and talking about dairy in a bold and proud way. Join this webinar to learn about your dairy checkoff’s new campaign and how you can help rekindle consumer’s love and trust in dairy. Bonus! You get a FREE Dairy Good cookbook for joining the webinar.

Dairy Girl Network Enhance offers resources without leaving the farm.

Thank you to Dairy Management Inc. and Undeniably Dairy for bringing this webinar to Dairy Girl Network. WebEx hosting provided by Zoetis.

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