DGN Looking for Veterinarian to Join Advisors to the Board

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Dairy Girl Network is Looking to Add a Veterinarian to it’s Advisors

Nominate a veterinarian HERE.

The Dairy Girl Network Board of Directors includes elected representatives serving as dairy farmers and industry professionals as well as advisory members of the DGN Board of Directors. The Dairy Girl Network Board of Directors oversees the overall execution of the organization’s mission, while the advisory members provides their expertise in specific areas. We are looking for a veterinarian, whether practicing or industry, to join this team! This position is open to males and females.

The advisory members cannot vote in decisions but are on the Board to provide their opinions and perspectives. These individuals provide expertise in specific areas that are not represented on the Board and must be dependable and accessible if needed.

Terms are set for three years and each individual can serve three terms. Advisory members are to attend one in-person meeting per year, as well as conference calls once a month, be active in conversations, and serve as part of board committees. Periodically the Board will hold additional meetings or planning sessions.

In true Dairy Girl style, we ask that you nominate a qualified veterinarian for our one open advisory member position. Individuals can nominate another person, but we do ask that no self-nominations be made. Please nominate a veterinarian HERE. Nominations will close April 8th. 


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