Fall 2019 Spanish Courses are Open!



DGN’s Spanish on La Granja Virtual Spanish Courses are open! 

Classes offered through DGN:

  • Spanish on La Granja (on the farm) 101 (beginner)
  • Spanish on La Granja (on the farm) 201 (intermediate)

All Courses Include:

  • An 8-week condensed course (total of 16 lessons)
  • Two weekly one-hour live but recorded video lessons accessible when convenient for you!
  • “Live” classes will be Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • The ability to schedule one-on-one calls/video chats with the instructor weekly for additional help
  • Access to helpful links, games and more for reinforcement
  • Ease of completing course assignments through the DGN website
  • Certificate for course completion

Learning a second language takes commitment, practice and determination. Native Spanish-speakers love it when you show an appreciation for their language and culture. Even knowing the basics will go a long way in improving relationships.

*Fall 2019 Classes are OPEN!*

Learn more and register for 101 (beginner) HERE!

Learn more and register for 201 (intermediate) HERE!

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