My heart was with the cows

By Sadie Frericks

I can vividly remember the conversation. We had recently left good jobs, sold our house in the city and moved to the farm to give dairy farming a try. I was on the phone with our new insurance agent. He was asking all the typical questions found on an application: name, birthdate, address and son on. And then asked, “Occupation?” I immediately said, “Dairy farmer.”


What is your baler twine and barn lime?

By Laura Young, AgriNews

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — More than 170 women involved in the dairy industry gathered to take time out of their lives to focus on becoming better managers, building their circles and celebrating their farm and family life.

They came together as part of Central Plains Dairy Association and Dairy Girl Network’s Dairy Women’s Conference, held Nov. 10 and 11 at the Best Western Ramkota in Sioux Falls. (more…)

Dairy Girl founder radiates energy

By Lynn Grooms, Agri-View

COBB, Wis. – “Laura’s energy fills the room whenever she walks in,” said Tom Lohr, general manager of Star Blends.

He was talking about Laura Daniels, founder of Dairy Girl Network, an organization proving networking and programming opportunities to women in the dairy industry. Her energy helped launch the organization in 2013. (more…)

Inspiration in your hands: Mentors

By Amy te Plate-Church, Progressive Dairyman

When asked to describe a mentor, attendees at the Central Plains Women’s Dairy Conference in November 2015 shared these words: role model, confidant, coach, guide, cheerleader and supporter.

Each of us can probably list a handful of people who have filled those roles – perhaps a parent, another family member, a teacher or coworker – and we celebrate those supporters. (more…)