Sadie Frericks: A Dairy Girl Experience at the WDE Networking Dinner

October 13, 2014 – By Sadie Frericks, Staff Writer/Columnists, Dairy Star

Before Glen and I started dairy farming, we wrote up a complete business plan, which detailed everything from how we planned to feed and milk our cows to how we planned to take care of ourselves (you know – decent meals, time off, sufficient sleep).

Our plan was compiled using ideas we had gathered from growing up on farms, from college classes and from other family members and friends who were dairy farming.


Introducing Dairy Girl Network

September 25, 2104

Women representing all aspects of the dairy industry now have an opportunity to join the Dairy Girl Network.

Expressing values to connect, inspire and achieve, the intent of the Dairy Girl Network committee is to develop appealing and applicable programming for both women operators of dairy farms and those involved within dairy related service corporations. (more…)