Encourage – peer groups

Dairy Girl Network Peer Groups provide an opportunity to build camaraderie in local areas, build up each other, and welcome and encourage those who are involved in the dairy industry. Dairywomen brainstorm with others, discuss different farm management practices, build relationships and camaraderie, and most importantly encourage each other.
If you’ve attended a dairy meeting and headed home full of excitement from talking with friends, meeting new people or discussing technology, you’re not alone. That same excitement can also be shared within local communities and this is the founding reason that Dairy Girl Network started by bringing together women to build relationships and share ideas.

The Encourage Groups are guided by two principles:
Be welcoming of all local Dairy Girls who want to join together to build camaraderie, and friendships, gain support from each other, and grow as a confident Dairy Girl.
Be encouraging of all Dairy Girls to share their expertise, have their voice heard and know they have an important role in the dairy industry.

Nearly 40 Encourage groups were created this summer and other members have expressed interest in starting a group in their area. In 2017, additional groups will start to encompass more dairy girls across the country.                                                                                                                                                                    Are you interested in joining or leading a peer group in your area? Please send an email to Renee Norman-Kenny at reneek@dairygirlnetwork.com