Forward TogetHER Videos 2018

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Video 1: Overall Conference Introduction

Transcript: Dairy Girl Network is proud to announce Forward TogetHER, our national conference. It will be held in Manheim, Pennsylvania, on November 6th through the 8th. We hope you can join us. What you can expect is a high energy conference that will bring lots of options of speakers- in fact, over 25 for you to choose from. And we hope that at this conference you can gain knowledge that you can take back to your farm, your community or your family. And we also hope that you will gain from new connections and a much-needed battery recharge. So please join us, in November, in Pennsylvania, as we move forward together.

Video 2: Attendees- Who Will Be There?

Transcript: Dairy Girl Network is proud to bring you Forward TogetHER, our National Conference. You might wonder, “Who will be in attendance at this conference?” Well, it will be dairywomen from every corner of the nation. At our last conference, we had 270 attendees. They came from 16 states, and 60%of them were dairy producers. We also had women representing every role, from owner to calf feeder and herd manager on the farm, as well as many people throughout the dairy industry. There really will be something for everyone at Forward TogetHER, the National Dairy Girl Network Conference.

Video 3: Location- Where Will the Conference Be and Where Can I Stay?

Transcript: Excitement is building for the Dairy Girl Network National Conference, Forward TogetHER. It will be held in Manheim, Pennsylvania, November 6th-8th. Manheim is just 35 minutes East of the airport in Harrisburg. The conference will be held at the Warehouse Hotel at the Nook. To locals, you’ll know this spot as the Spooky Nook. A block of rooms has been reserved right where the conference will be held. The Dairy Girl Network presence in Pennsylvania is strong and we are so excited to bring Forward TogetHER to Manheim, Pennsylvania, this November 6th-8th. Join us as we move Forward TogetHER.

Video 4: Dairy Farmers- Why Should You Be There?

Transcript: Hi! I’m Crystal Otto and we milk just over 100 cows along the Branch River in Northeastern Wisconsin, and I went to the 2016 Forward TogetHER Conference in Minnesota and had an absolute wonderful time. [I] made some great connections with some ladies that I plan on continuing to be in touch with throughout our lifetime. What was really important to me about the conference is the togetherness and knowing that I’m not alone as a dairy producer, and a wife and a mom. There are others who are in the same boat. There are others who have gone through this and those connections and feeling less isolated meant the world to me and I would absolutely go to another conference.

Video 5: Industry Professionals- Why Should You Be There?

Transcript: Hi everybody! I am Kristy Pagel, your chair for the 2018 Dairy Girl Network national women’s conference, coming up November 6th, 7th and 8th in Manheim, Pennsylvania. I’m here to talk to you today about the importance of our industry folks joining our conference. As we think about the importance of our industry and professional development, as well as personal development, the conference this year is really focused on moving Forward TogetHER. We’re going to be talking about learning, leading and how to succeed in our industry today. So, it’s super important for our industry [leaders] to join us as you look at all the different general sessions and breakout sessions that we will be offering this year at the national women’s conference.