Dr. Gary Neubauer, DVM

Dr. Gary Neubauer, DVM
Senior Manager, Dairy Technical Services | Zoetis

Dr. Gary Neubauer is the Senior Manager for our Dairy Technical Services team at Zoetis. Dr. Neubauer’s broad expertise includes milk quality, reproduction, fresh cow health, transition management, calf management, residue avoidance and records analysis.

Dr. Neubauer brings an extensive background in the industry to the job. He’s served as a dairy technical consultant and veterinarian with Pfizer Animal Health, Pharmacia Animal Health and Upjohn. Dr. Neubauer also worked directly with dairy producers as a partner in a large veterinary practice (16 veterinarians) in New Ulm, Minn. He earned his DVM and undergraduate degrees at the University of Minnesota.

Throughout his career, Dr. Neubauer has shown a strong commitment to the health of the industry. He currently serves as Past President of the National Mastitis Council (representing over 46 countries), the Milk Quality Committee of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners and the Gold Standards project of the Dairy Calf & Heifer Association. He is a past President of the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association and the Minnesota Dairy Advisors. He chaired the National Residue Avoidance Committee for 6 years and was named Minnesota Veterinarian of the year in 2000.

Dr. Neubauer is a senior manager of Dairy Technical Services at Zoetis. He belongs to the Academy of Veterinary Medical Practice, American Association of Bovine Practitioners, American Dairy Science Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, Dairy Calf & Heifer Association, Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council and the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association.

Building the Health of Your Herd
All too often, we focus on identifying the best treatments for diseases.  But, to build a healthy herd, disease prevention is the key.  This presentation will focus on things we can do every day to improve the health and wellness of our dairies.