Annette van Velde


Annette van Velde
Hunsingo Dairy

Annette van Velde is a partner with her husband Ad in Hunsingo Dairy which has been producing milk for generations.  Hunsingo Dairy is located in the attractive Dutch region of North Groningen, close to the Wadden Sea.  A dairy farm that is in harmony with nature, where healthy cows live and have lived for generations. The Netherlands is the leader in dairy products. Milk is in the genes of the Dutch and their country is famous for the high quality of its dairy products.  They are also part owners in Cownexxion which is an international dairy consulting firm.

In the coming decades, the demand for sustainable, honest and high-quality dairy products will grow. Many countries want to stimulate milk production. There are also many countries that, from the strategic viewpoint, do not want to be entirely dependent on imported dairy products. Through Cownexxion, we are trying to positively contribute to these aims. Efficient milk production and effective valorization of this milk often pose major challenges in various countries.

Annette is also extremely active has been a Board Member of European Dairy Farmers (EDF) which is a study group of more than 300 European dairy farmers.  That looks at trends, farm strategy, vision, cost and contributes prices that are important within EDF.  A board member of Global Dairy Farmer (GDF) that is a platform for dairy farmers from all over the world. The organization focuses, among other things, on exchanging new ideas, trends and developments in the area of dairy farming and the dairy industry. Chairman of the supervisory board of Abiant EU Service, an employment agency in the North of the Netherlands. The involvement and motivation of foreign workers is greatly appreciated at the Dutch companies.

Not only is Annette is extremely active in her home country of the Netherlands on providing quality products to the consumer, working with individuals to get jobs, supporting the dairy industry on a number of global facets but she is also a mother of two sons; 20 and 25 years old.  Excited to have her speak to us a women on the global dairy sector on her roles.