Carrie Mess

carrie-messCarrie Mess

Carrie Mess is a dairy farmer, blogger, speaker and agvocate for agriculture from Lake Mills, Wisconsin. Farming in partnership with her husband Patrick and his parents on their 100 cow dairy, Carrie shares her story and connects with those unfamiliar with agriculture via social media and her blog, The Adventures of Dairy Carrie.  Her efforts to be a part of the conversation on food and farming, sharing candid stories of her life on the farm and tackling tough subjects has led her to be selected as the 2014 Social Media Farmer of the Year. Her writing has been featured in The Guardian and Huffington Post and several industry publications.

Agvocacy in Action
You’ve been told to tell your story and you know it’s important to talk to our customers but what’s the next step? This session will help you develop a plan of action to get you started or grow your agvocacy efforts! We’ll look at ideas for both online and offline agvocacy and look at pit falls and best practices for reaching out beyond the choir.