Jeff Judy

jeff-judyJeff Judy

Jeff Judy is principal of Jeff Judy & Associates and has spent several decades teaching and consulting in the area of business and consumer credit. Jeff brings a unique perspective to the business of working with your financial institution. A nationally known trainer and consultant to the financial services industry, a frequent presenter at trade association meetings and industry conferences, and a prolific writer of newsletter and trade journal articles, Jeff teaches financial institutions how to think about their business customers. He regularly shares his ideas through interviews and articles in trade journals and more general financial media, as well as publishing a biweekly e-newsletter, “Jeff’s Thoughts”. Known for an engaging and direct, no-holds-barred style, Jeff focuses his insights on practical paths to greater success for the industry and its individual members.

He believes that business owners who understand how their credit providers think will do a better job of telling their stories and have more productive financial discussions with these institutions. He shares his insights into the thinking of the financial services industry in a lively, practical, down-to-earth style that consistently earns him high ratings from participants.

Getting the Credit You Deserve
Credit is defined as the financing of a borrower’s cash shortfall. Cash is the lifeblood of any business and credit is the transfusion we need to continue in business. We will address the 6 reasons businesses need to borrow, alternative sources of financing, and what information is needed to apply for financing.