Laurie Fischer

laurie-fischerLaurie Fischer
President, American Dairy Coalition Inc.

Laurie Fischer, well known in Madison, throughout Wisconsin, and in Washington, D.C. for her tenacious efforts on behalf of Wisconsin’s dairy farmers is president of the American Dairy Coalition. Fischer, formerly Director of the Wisconsin Dairy Business Association (DBA), has broad and in-depth knowledge of policy and the political process along with extensive personal relationships built up over many years with key political leaders in both the State and Federal capitols.

Fischer grew up on a dairy farm and was always most interested in following in the farming footsteps. That passion set her on a path that would lead her to be a partner in a 400-cow operation and to her involvement with the DBA.

Laurie Fischer’s 16-year leadership at DBA contributed to a rise in revenue brought to the state by the dairy industry of almost 30 billion dollars.

Dairy’s Valuable Voice on Capitol Hill
Laurie Fischer, American Dairy Coalition (ADC) President, is dairy’s valuable voice on Capitol Hill.  Fischer’s previous experience working on the Farm Bill and other national legislation, has positioned her and the ADC as a valuable resource for legislators and their staff when questioning dairy/agriculture policy and regulations especially immigration issues.  The ADC understands that nearly half of all workers on U.S. dairy farms are immigrants which has lead the ADC to introduce a State Visa Bill to ensure a reliable labor force.  Fischer will present a comprehensive overview of the ADC and the current federal policy (dairy, agriculture and livestock) issues that will affect all of us in the near future.