Yvonne D. Agnello-Adams

yvonne-d-agnello-adamsYvonne D. Agnello-Adams
President and Lead Trainer, YDAA and Associates, Inc.

Yvonne Agnello-Adams has had an exemplary career as an award-winning and highly praised professional speaker, corporate trainer, and leader for more than 15 years. She travels around the world training professionals on important life skills which lead to success, including time management, communication, conflict management, personality styles, and succeeding as a woman in the workplace and the world.

Yvonne’s trainings are infused with honesty, humor, enthusiasm, and real-life examples so the practical tips, tools, and techniques she teaches are easy to implement immediately. Her participants come away with new insights, worthwhile knowledge, additional skills to make them more effective in their job performance, and a new attitude toward their lives.

Yvonne lives in Lombard, Illinois with her husband, Dan, their 4 cats, and 2 birds. She enjoys interior design, painting, dancing, and live music; she is an avid sports fan and also considers herself a “foodie” and a budding connoisseur of wine.

Talk #1: 
Becoming Assertive Versus Aggressive: How to eliminate passive, aggressive, and passive-aggressive behaviors

How many times has a sarcastic response escaped your lips? Or have you ever tried to be strong but took it too far and were called the nasty “B” word? Or perhaps you felt like you didn’t stand up for yourself and someone else rolled over you? This session will help you recognize the characteristics of passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, and assertive behaviors so you can identify your own behaviors. You’ll then learn assertive communication techniques, including how to say no in a positive manner, and receive tips on communicating with different personality styles and the opposite gender.

Talk #2:
Managing Emotions to Build Credibility: How to gain control over emotions and deal with conflict productively

Many women find emotional control challenging. Additionally, a lot of women don’t know how to deal with conflict proactively, especially since most of us were told “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” by well-meaning women in our lives. This session will teach you techniques to constructively deal with your anger and manage your tears. You’ll also learn how to approach conflict positively and productively, improve your negotiation skills, and give constructive feedback.