Pre-Conference Events


Pre-Conference Activities

Your conference registration includes access to our pre-conference events! Learn more about these sessions:

“Calf Care 201” presented by Ellen Cushing, First Defense, and Dr. Kailey Ann McPhail, StateLine Veterinary Services

View the pre-recorded session starting on October 26th and the live stream interactivity session on Tuesday, November 3rd, 4:00-4:30pm CST.

Sponsored by:

First Defense_

Stateline Vet

First DefenseSession Description: Calf Care 201 will equip you with techniques and knowledge to lead your calf management team. In this session we will walk through five different aspects of calf care: the maternity pen, newborn calf protocols, calf comfort, milk protocols, and herd health. In “train the trainer” sections you will learn how to teach the proper methods for tubing colostrum, giving oral boluses, nasal vaccines, subcutaneous injections and more! We will dig into calf care questions and learn from calf experts. Your employees and calves are the future of your operation and it begins with proper training for your calf care team!

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“Mental Health First Aid Training” presented by Mental Health First Aid

Live stream: Tuesday, November 3rd, 2:00-4:00pm CST.

Sponsored by:

Wisconsin Farm Center

Wisconsin Farm Center

headshot (1)Session Description: This session will help you to identify at least two statistics on why it is important to address mental health in agriculture and rural locations across the US. You’ll learn how Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is involved in the agriculture space and how MHFA is responding to COVID-19. And we will explore MHFA curricula updates and national mental health resources available to women in agriculture. In addition, we will preview the Mental Health First Aid training course.

Speaker Bio: As the Director of Strategic Partnerships for the National Council for Behavioral Health, Anne Chapman’s focus is the development and stewardship of strategic partnerships that support the expansion of the council’s public education initiatives.