About Us

Women manage significant roles on dairy farms and vendor businesses, in addition to serving in leadership positions among industry organizations. The experience of professional women involved within the dairy industry is very unique. Passions, triumphs and challenges are somewhat different, compared to other agricultural sectors.

Many dairy women desire fellow connections and insights for success. The Dairy Girl Network aspires to help one another in continuing to move industry progress forward. The group offers opportunities for all women in the dairy industry to achieve personal and professional development.

Dairy Girl Network Leadership

The Dairy Girl Network Board of Directors includes elected representatives serving as dairy farmers and industry professionals. The leadership team also includes advisory members and DGN staff.

Laura Daniels

Dairy Girl Network Founder and President

Farmer, Cobb, WI

“I have always been an advocate for advancing women to leadership roles within agriculture. The Dairy Girl Network influences women dairy farmers and dairy professionals and brings us together to build friendships, grow networking opportunities and unite us all by our passion.”

Rebecca Shaw

Dairy Girl Network Vice President

Zinpro, Altoona, PA

“Being elected to a board that represents female voices across the U.S. dairy industry makes you pause and think… wow. This is a HUGE deal. I do not take this responsibility lightly and am so honored that I am trusted to be a part of this. In addition to my professional skillset, I am excited to bring my millennial perspective, upbeat attitude and willingness to ask questions to help this board enhance the lives and create opportunities for all individuals involved.”

LuAnn Troxel

Dairy Girl Network Financial Officer

Farmer, Hanna, IN

“The Dairy Girl Network provides a unique forum for women who love the dairy industry to share ideas and make connections. It’s just great to be involved and see how this organization can grow.”

Industry Representatives:

Mary Knigge

Dairy Farmers of America, Washington DC

“I’m thrilled to be part of the Dairy Girl Network which shares my desire to foster collaboration, empower and the support of women involved in the dairy industry. This is something that not only benefits the women involved but the entire industry.”

Connie Kuber

Connor Agriscience, Clovis, CA

“Communication, strength, and opportunity within the dairy industry are the Dairy Girl Network’s messages I am excited about sharing with all industry women, especially in the west. The organization’s hallmark is it’s positive, practical culture and it’s program responsiveness to what matters to members.”

Kristy Pagel

GPS Dairy Consulting, Malone, WI

“The opportunity for me, both personally and professionally, to pay-it-forward to other passionate women is vitally important to building their confidence, support and skills toward a strong future”

Julie Veldhuis

LF Bioenergy, Twin Falls, ID

“It is an exciting time to be a woman in the world of agriculture! Since I was a little girl, it was my dream to be part of something bigger and the beneficiary of that hard work was the dairy industry. With my grandson getting ready to turn 1, I want to ensure he has the opportunity to be a 5th generation dairy farmer!”

Dairy Producers:

Amy Dicke

Xenia, OH

“It is an inspiration to be part of a group that uniquely supports and empowers women in the dairy industry. The influence of Dairy Girl Network will continue to grow and transform and I am honored to join this journey.”

Rosario Ibarra

St Nazianz, WI

“I have always admired the opportunities that the US dairy industry offers to women. As our population changes, it is key for our industry to embrace its diversity and create opportunities for women of all backgrounds, so they can get involved, engage, influence, and grow the dairy industry. As a Latina farmer it is my honor to represent a valuable sector of our industry, and I am committed to be the voice of many other women behind the scenes. DGN’s inspiring events build bridges to connect and empower women, so I am excited to be part of its vision.”

Carrie Mess (Dairy Carrie)

Milford, WI

“We all need a mentor or just a little support from someone who understands what we do everyday. The DGN brings women together from our unique industry to give that understanding, support and friendship.”

Michelle Schilter

Olympia, WA

“I believe women involved in dairy today can not only provide great insight to the marketplace, but also what is happening in real time on the farm. There is such a demand from the consumer to know what we do everyday to bring them the products they want to prepare wholesome delicious meals for their families.”

Tami Smith

Williamsburg, PA

“Having learned about DGN in 2015 at the Western Dairy Herd Management Conference, I decided to check out the Dairy Girl Network networking event that was being held there. I quickly found myself in a group of women who were excited to share ideas, hardships, friendship, and were truly committed to the dairy industry I love.”

Advisory Members to the Board:

Dr. Kelly Reed

Diamond V, Prosser, WA

“I have a passion for the dairy industry specifically in education and collaboration, both within our industry and to our consumers. Dairy Girl Network provides an great opportunity to advance our industry in these ways and so much more. I am very excited for the opportunity to contribute!”

Leah Hurtgen Ziemba

Michael, Best & Friedrich LLP, Madison, WI

“I’ve found that the right mentor at the right time is vital to achieving personal and professional success. I welcome the opportunity to provide my perspective to the Dairy Girl Network and giving back to the agricultural industry that I love.”


Brenda Gilbertson

Dairy Girl Network Strategic Lead

“As a mother of four girls, it’s my hope that they’ll have the opportunities they desire to pursue in the future. With networking, education and support all in one place – DGN opens new doors for self-growth, reaching dairywomen where they are. This is quite impactful and an amazing resource for women involved in dairy farming.”

Renee Norman-Kenny

Dairy Girl Network Creative Development Lead

“Sharing a passion and love for the dairy cow is what brings these passionate, hardworking and remarkable dairywomen together. Yet it is each individual woman’s support, discussion and relationship with other dairywomen that truly makes each of us stand out and shine.”

Amanda Borkowski

Dairy Girl Network Interactive Media Lead

“I learned about DGN in college during World Dairy Expo, and it immediately shaped my life. Not growing up on a farm, I fell in love with dairy during college, and having a support group of women in all different backgrounds but with the same passion really helped me dive into this industry.”

Lynn Bartholomew

Dairy Girl Network Key Projects Lead

“After spending the majority of my life in agriculture, I know how important it is to collaborate and empower female voices, especially in dairy. I’m proud to support the DGN team because they tackle challenging topics through their initiatives by providing women with a safe space to discuss and learn from each other”

Brittany Radtke

Dairy Girl Network Virtual Assistant

“Dairy Girl Network has provided me with the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share similar passions and experiences, which is invaluable as a business professional. Every day I strive to lift up and support female entrepreneurs in whatever way I can. I’m proud to be part of the DGN community and look forward to continuing my involvement in order to achieve our common goals.”