About Us

Women manage significant roles on dairy farms and vendor businesses, in addition to serving in leadership positions amongst industry organizations. The experience of professional women involved within the dairy industry is very unique. Passions, triumphs and challenges are somewhat different, compared to other agricultural sectors.

Many dairy women desire fellow connections and insights for success. The Dairy Girl Network aspires to help one another in continuing to move industry progress forward. The group offers opportunities for all women in the dairy industry to achieve personal and professional development.

Dairy Girl Network Leadership

The Dairy Girl Network Board of Directors includes elected representatives serving as dairy farmers and industry professionals.

laura-daniels-square Laura Daniels,
Dairy Girl Network Founder and President
Dairy farmer, Cobb, WI

left-qtI have always been an advocate for advancing women to leadership roles within agriculture. The Dairy Girl Network may influence women dairy farmers and dairy professionals, as well as a battery re-charge for the women who will be lending a hand.rt-quote

Industry representatives

kristy-pagel-square Kristy Pagel, Diamond V
left-qtThe opportunity for me, personally and professionally to pay-it-forward to other passionate women is vitally important to building their confidence, support and skills toward a strong future.rt-quote
Michelle_Philibeck_web7 Michelle Philibeck, ImmuCell
left-qtI’m happy to support any organization that makes our agricultural voice stronger. As women, we are inherently empathetic and passionate. A group of empathetic and passionate people is bound to carry our message of agriculture’s value, wholesomeness and sustainability to a broader audience.rt-quote

Dairy producers

luann-troxel-square LuAnn Troxel, Hanna, IN
left-qtThe Dairy Girl Network provides a unique forum for women who love the dairy industry to share ideas and make connections. It’s just great to be involved and see how this organization can grow!rt-quote
carrie-mess-square Carrie Mess, Milford, WI
left-qtWe all need a mentor or just a little support from someone who understands what we do everyday. The DGN brings women together from our unique industry to give that understanding, support and friendship.rt-quote
sadiefrericks.web4 Sadie Frericks, Melrose, MN
left-qtDairy girls need other dairy girls. Someone to turn to when we have questions; someone who will listen when we need to celebrate a triumph or lament a challenge. I am positively thrilled to see the Dairy Girl Network bringing dairy girls together.rt-quote
Tami Smith

Advisory members

Ziemba_L 300dpi - # 9277280 v 1 Leah Hurtgen Ziemba, Michael, Best & Friedrick LLP
left-qtI’ve found that the right mentor at the right time is vital to achieving personal and professional success. I welcome the opportunity to provide my perspective to the Dairy Girl Network and giving back to the agricultural industry that I love.rt-quote
brenda-gilbertson-square Brenda Gilbertson,
Dairy Girl Network Director of Public Relations
left-qtEarly roots on the farm shaped my career path along the dairy tanbark and empowered me to reach new heights. The DGN vision is exciting and I look forward to seeing my own daughters grow as dairy girls in the future. rt-quote
Renée Norman-Kenny,
Dairy Girl Network Director of Program Development
left-qtSharing a passion and love for the dairy cow is what brings these passionate, hardworking and remarkable Dairy Girls together. Yet it is each individual girl’s support, discussion and relationship with other Dairy Girls that truly makes each of us stand out and shinert-quote