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Women are an incredibly important, integral part of the dairy industry, as dairy owners, managers and employees, and throughout all areas of our supporting allied industry infrastructure. We see Dairy Girl Network’s rapid growth and enthusiastic membership base as an indication of the desire among dairy women to have a way to meet, inspire, and support one another. Farm Journal Media and Dairy Herd Management are proud and honored to be selected as Dairy Girl Network’s exclusive media partner, and we’ll work diligently to build this new relationship. – Dairy Herd Management

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When we all speak together, our message is stronger. That’s why Dairy Management Inc.(which manages the national dairy farmer checkoff program) is excited to partner with the Dairy Girl Network and collaborate with leading women in the industry. As we celebrate and generate excitement around people’s love for dairy – and the people who produce high-quality, safe an wholesome milk – through the “Undeniably Dairy” campaign, the power of the Dairy Girl Network will help us maintain and build consumer confidence. – DMI

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The Dairy Girl Network continues to impress us with the incredible things they do to connect, inspire and develop women who are dedicated to dairy. The future of our industry needs diverse leaders from across the country who can work together to strengthen our voice, and this group is helping lead the way.Cargill

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Compeer Financial is proud to partner with Dairy Girl Network because they lift up women’s voices in the ag industry. They are committed to sharing resources to help women in the dairy industry be better managers, improve mental health and advocate for agriculture, and we fully support that mission. Compeer Financial 


Supporting Dairy Girl Network programs has perfect alignment with our values and ambitions. As a leading company in the dairy industry, a key factor of DeLaval’s success is the diversity of our workforce including more and more female professionals to our already large pool of talent.– DeLaval


Nearly 30% of the farm operators on U.S. farms are women. This number continues to grow and we are here to support them as we support all involved in agriculture.– Diamond V



The National Dairy FARM Program is excited to be partnering with Dairy Girl Network. The openness of dialogue, resources and overall support that DGN provides is invaluable to the dairy industry. The impact of DGN continues to grow and FARM looks forward to being a part of that growth into the future.The National Dairy FARM Program


Feeding a growing population requires a diverse set of ideas and perspectives. One area of focus for Land O’Lakes is the development of women leaders who can help transform our culture to achieve our shared purpose. Dairy Girl Network is a valuable resource for this rapidly growing segment of the U.S. ag sector – helping women learn, grow and develop leadership skills to drive our industry forward.– Land O’Lakes

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Is you company interested in partnering with Dairy Girl Network?

The goal of Dairy Girl Network (DGN) is simple. We spread value of shared experience along with support and encouragement to dairywomen across the United States. The Dairy Girl Network has taken the dairy industry by storm. In just a few short years, we have achieved a high-level of awareness. With this has come the opportunity to reach literally 1,000’s more dairywomen than we first thought was possible. Our nimble board of directors and our growing staff have acted quickly to move the group from a focus on social and networking, to now an organization driven by personal development and leadership preparation with the addition of education experiences. It is the support of our partners that truly makes Dairy Girl Network possible. Our sponsors not only believe in the Dairy Girl Network mission but also work together with the organization to build, develop and execute our program areas which in turn impacts thousands of dairywomen each year. Is you company interested in partnering with Dairy Girl Network. Interested in exploring partnership opportunities? Contact DGN Strategic Lead, Brenda Gilbertson, here.