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Networking events are hosted at dairy conferences and trade shows. Lunch & Learn and Sharing Wisdom events include educational speakers.

Upcoming 2021 Dairy Girl Network Connect Event

  • Western Dairy Management Conference
      • Tuesday, November 2, 2021 | Reno, NV | 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.
        • Held during the Western Dairy Management Conference at the Peppermill Resort Hotel. Join Dairy Girl Network for networking, appetizers and drinks.
        • Register HERE

Are you interested in hosting a Connect event near you?

Do you know of a dairy conference or event in your area that would benefit from having an DGN Connect networking event? Would you be interested in serving as a chairwoman for a Connect event? If so, please complete the volunteer form here.

We are always looking for new events to bring dairywomen together. Our Connect networking events allow dairywomen a quick chance to recharge by talking about all aspects of their lives and dairy farming. The event is for all women involved with any part of dairy – whether as a calf feeder, dairy owner, marketing or sales consultant servicing dairy farms or cheese producers, veterinarian, researchers, and more. If there is a dairy cow involved in what you do, you’re invited.

Additionally, we would also like to bring our DGN Family Lounges to more events across the nation. Our Family Lounge allows families with small children a quiet place to rest and recharge. There is also an area for nursing mothers available in these spaces.

Do you have interest in hosting a Connect event at a conference in your area? Email to find out more details!

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