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Bienvenido! Welcome to Spanish on La Granja (on the farm)! 

DGN’s Spanish on La Granja courses are virtual 8-week courses tailored to aiding in Spanish speaking on the dairy farm!

*Fall 2019 Classes are closed*

Please stay tuned for future classes in Spring 2020!

Current 101 student looking for resources? Click here.

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Classes offered through DGN:

  • Spanish on La Granja (on the farm) 101 (beginner)
  • Spanish on La Granja (on the farm) 201 (intermediate)

All Courses Include:

  • An 8-week condensed course (total of 16 lessons)
  • Two weekly one-hour live but recorded video lessons accessible when convenient for you!
  • “Live” classes will be Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • The ability to schedule one-on-one calls/video chats with the instructor weekly for additional help
  • Access to helpful links, games and more for reinforcement
  • Ease of completing course assignments through the DGN website
  • Certificate for course completion

Learning a second language takes commitment, practice and determination. Native Spanish-speakers love it when you show an appreciation for their language and culture. Even knowing the basics will go a long way in improving relationships.

Meet Your Maestra (Teacher):

Katie Dotterer-Pyle grew up on her family dairy farm in central PA and quickly realized the need for being bilingual when the farm started hiring Spanish speaking employees. “My love for the language actually started in 3rd grade and really took off after high school.” She now owns her own dairy farm in Maryland with her husband David, and six team members, five of them Spanish-speaking. Katie has a degree in Business Management and Marketing and another in Secondary Education, Spanish. She also studied abroad in Panama. In addition to her farm duties, which include herd health and translation/interpretation, she teaches Spanish part-time to middle and high school students. “You will be amazed at how much you’ll improve your relationships with Spanish-speakers when you learn and use their language with them. It shows you appreciate them as a person and respect their culture.”

Link to Cornell CALS Spanish Webinars- Click here