Dairy Girl Network partners with Farm Journal Media

Today, Dairy Girl Network and Farm Journal Media announce an exclusive media partnership through Farm Journal’s flagship dairy brand Dairy Herd Management, with the goal of extending the outreach and relationships between dairy women across the country. 

“The partnership with Farm Journal and its dairy publication, Dairy Herd Management, allows our fast-growing organization to reach more women and provide connections, ideas and encouragement,” said Laura Daniels, Dairy Girl Network Founder and President. “We are proud to have an organization with immense reach and rich history as our media partner. This partnership is an important vote of confidence that the work of the Dairy Girl Network is relevant. It sends a signal that the dairy industry as a whole believes in the value of a group dedicated to personal and professional growth of women.”

Through this partnership, Dairy Herd Management will provide resources to support and enhance the prominent role women play in today’s dairy industry. The effort will aid Dairy Girl Network in connecting dairy women across the country,. whether they are just starting and looking for guidance and mentorship, or veterans who have incredible experience to share.

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