CA Event on 1/24/20

Advance registration is appreciated for this Dairy Girl Network event. Register before January 1st to be entered into a drawing. Early registration ends January 8th. Please register HERE.

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Ladies involved in all aspects of the dairy industry are invited to a day of education and networking. Event will be held at The Penny in San Luis Obispo, California on January 24, 2020 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and will include training seminars, lunch, wine tasting & transportation. Buses will leave the Embassy Suites at 8:45 a.m. and will handle transportation to and from the event. If traveling in for the day or want to drive separate, parking is available at The Penny. Learn more about the speakers below.

Registrations entered by January 1st will be entered for a door prize. Registrations are due January 8th.

Event ticket price is $50.00 and includes transportation, lunch, wine tasting and a DGN special gift.

A student discount is available: email Kate Teixeira, for the student discount.

This event is for all women involved with any part of dairy – whether as a calf feeder, dairy owner, marketing or sales consultant servicing dairy farms or cheese producers, veterinarians, researchers, etc. If there is a dairy cow involved in what you do, you’re invited! You do not need to attend the Holstein Meeting to attend this DGN event.

Join other dairywomen to unwind and talk about your lives involving dairy farming.  Come learn more about the fast growing Dairy Girl Network and programs available to you!

Please pre-register by clicking HERE.


celeste Celeste Settrini rejoined her family in running their Century plus year old cattle ranch in 2013. She had known for some time that she wanted to return to the ranch, and her decision was pushed ahead after tragically losing her father in an accident. She knew that now was the time to take a major role in keeping the cattle ranch going alongside her mother Anita and brother , John.

She has since dove full steam into the industry. Working daily on the ranch and committing herself to not only being a voice for her family ranch but other cattle ranchers as well.

Her work with the industry did not go unnoticed as she was awarded Monterey County Cattlewomen of the Year, National Cattlemen’s Beef Promoter of the Year and the Red Angus of America Beef Promoter of the Year. Celeste also donates her time and energy to The Monterey County Fair, San Benito County Fair and the Grand National at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.

An eclectic cowgirl with an eye for fashion and style, Celeste loves to share her ranch fashion tips on her social media pages along with advocating for the animal agriculture industry. When she is not working alongside her family , she is active taking photos for various cattle sales and assists with social media marketing promoting cattle sales and auctioneers. She dedicates time to the California Beef Council as a board member alongside other parties in the beef and dairy industries, and the California Beef Cattle Improvement Association.

Celeste can be found encouraging those in agriculture to “be a voice for the industry celebrating what we do each and every day”,through her visits with agriculture groups, and her active social media platforms and brings the gift of connection to the animal agriculture industry to consumers and producers alike. Her love of the beef industry and her family ranch is evident when you meet her, she is never afraid to answer questions from consumers and visit about the joys of ranching.

Erin N

Erin Nutcher will be joining this Dairy Girl Network event to share her story. She grew up on her family’s dairy farm in Lodi, CA, and has continued in the dairy industry when she married her dairy farmer husband Trevor soon after college. Their family now includes the 5th generation with the addition of Dale, who’s adventures on Hidden Valley Dairy Erin chronicles to share with her followers, while giving us a glimpse into what is happening on the farm that day.

As she invites people into the day to day life on the dairy, she brings her passion and love of the dairy business to life, and the “facts” behind the industry are carried to her social media followers with good explanations and thoughtfulness. Erin works with several media resources including filming virtual educational dairy tours for students and interviewing professionals that bring special skills to the dairy to help educate the public on what is required to keep cows at their very best. Her winning smile and joy she shares when telling the “dairy” story has captured the hearts of her followers.

She has great insight concerning the challenge to find your voice as you advocate for the industry, and has found great ways to share the “heart” behind industry factual resources she uses to communicate information about dairying, dairy products and animal care.


Being a healthy leader is a key to any business, including the dairy business and part of being a healthy leader is understanding the importance (& fear) of honesty and trust in communications and relationships. Dealing with conflict is one of the skills Paul Swearengin encourages his Core Leader’s Network participants to strengthen to be a healthy leader, and Paul will be joining this Dairy Girl Network event to discuss and share some strategies we can develop to improve our conflict resolution skills.

In his 30-year career spanning broadcast media, professional ministry and healthcare industry management, Paul has honed the ability to cast a vision, take giant leaps of faith, build teams, and overcome obstacles to pursue that vision. His professional experience includes TV and Radio sportscasting, raising $4 million in private equity for a sports radio company, serving on the startup team of a large healthcare company, and birthing and growing a non-denominational church. Now, a licensed minister in the business world, Paul has poured his multifaceted skills into the Core Leaders Network, fostering leaders to achieve greater personal and professional well-being and inspiring them to positively impact the world around them.

Core Leader’s Network is endorsed by the Center for Community Transformation and Leadership Foundation of Fresno.


Carrie Mess will also be joining in the event for the day and giving a welcome. Carrie is a founding Dairy Girl Network Board Member residing in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. Carrie is a household name to many of you – Dairy Carrie. For those of you who don’t know Carrie, she is a mom, dairy farmer, speaker, agvocate for agriculture and serves on the board of directors for AgSource Cooperative. Her efforts to be a part of the conversation on food and farming, have led her to be selected as the 2014 Social Media Farmer of the Year and 2017 Wisconsin Ag Woman of the Year. Her writing has been featured in The Guardian, Huffington Post and several industry publications.

Supporting dairywomen is a passion of Carrie’s. “We all need a mentor or just a little support from someone who understands what we do every day. The DGN brings women together from our unique industry to give that understanding, support and friendship,” commented Carrie.

Carrie serves on the DGN Inspire mentorship program committee, spoke at the first DGN Forward TogetHER conference, hosted our first DGN Growing TogetHER Field Day, and rides herd over Exchange- By the DGN Facebook group.

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